Hi- I hope your last week was wonderful.  Did you try adding gelatin to you diet?  Did you like it? Are you going to continue?  Let me know.  I would love to hear from you. I have another thought.  As always it is easy to do. Thought #3 is Take a daily Probiotic I am … Continue reading ProBiotics


Our winter has been exceptionally mild but the evenings still come early (pitch black at 5:15) and are chilly enough to remind us that it is indeed winter. That means MEATLOAF !!  We follow a mostly Paleo diet and Meatloaf is perfect for that. Of course this meatloaf is not the same meatloaf you grandma … Continue reading Buffaloaf


Hello- How did your week go with lemon water? Did you like it? Did you hate it?  Either way, now you know if it is something  for you. Are you ready for my next thought? Eat Your Self Young Thought #2 Add Some Gelatin to Your Diet I am not really talking about Jell-o.  I … Continue reading JELL-O

Looking for Inspiration

Ever had a time when you just didn’t want to do anything. Not depression,or sadness, just no motivation or inspiration.  I just want to sit in the sunshine and look at the flowers. This is one I found growing in the backyard.  I hope you get as much enjoyment from it as I am.  I … Continue reading Looking for Inspiration

Paleo Mayonnaise

I used to really not like mayonnaise.  It always had an odd and unappealing taste to me and I didn’t use it.  My poor children grew up without mayo because Mom didn’t like it.  As my diet changed, and I turned more and more to low carb and paleo I got the itch to try … Continue reading Paleo Mayonnaise